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"Winter Coat"
Animal, Western
"Winter Coat"
16" x 20"
Category: Originals
Framed: Framed
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Winter Coat
The Crossing
Portrait of a Bear
Lookin at You Kid
Aftrnoon Shadows
American Muscle
In The Canyon
Saguaro at Sunset
Cactus Wren
Spring Turkeys
Twenty Below
Open Water
Johns Truck
Looking Toward Ouray
On The Edge
Crown Fit For A King
Answering the Call
Little Britches
Raphael and the Raspberry Redhead
Ice Cold
Tying up an old friend
Walkin the Ridge
The Approach of The Challenger
Up Near Redstone
Citrus and Sweet Tea
"Reliving the Hunt"
In His Prime
Moose in the Mist
Aspens and Elk
Bear on the beach
Pinnicle Butte
Misty Oaks
"Three of a Kind"
"Clear Creek"
Big Red
Near Giverny
red International
Venice #2
Chicken Pot Pie
Coffee Creek
"Beaver Pond Brookie"
"Slim Pickins"
Wake Up Call
Cheyenne Sunset
Standing His Ground
"The Old Bull"
"Lookin for Trouble"
"The Soldier Horse"
"Smoke of a Distant Fire"
Sun Lodge
"Fresh Tracks
"fog on the Platte"
Mt. Sopis Bull
Cheyenne Dress
"The Frontiersman"
"Vantage Point"
"A Bad Sign"
"Last of His Kind"
"Red Ribbon"